"At Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd., we increase productivity through training, application support, customizations and consulting services. Our goal is to maximize our client's investments in technology."

- Cindy Gibson, Productivity Consultant, Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd.

Training Philosophy

Information overload is a common problem in all organizations; this adds to the challenge of training new systems and processes. Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd. delivers training in shorter, more manageable workshops (1-3 hours) resulting in greater retention and a more desirable learning environment.

Our Mission

We dedicate ourselves to focusing on our client's specific requirements; increasing productivity, eliminating frustration and empowering people to use technology efficiently and effectively. Our strategies include basic skills training, key-concept workshops, one-on-one executive training, Microsoft Word setup and document forensics.

By developing a loyalty to our clients, we become part of their team. Let us become YOUR on-demand Training Department.

Our Goal

We will reduce the frustration and time wasted on struggling with Microsoft Office by educating and providing tools to use the software properly. We offer "to the point" training, focusing on a company's specific needs. Our traveling classroom provides convenient training right in your office, eliminating travel time.

Our class size is small and the workshops are short (1-3 hours) to eliminate information overload and maximize knowledge retention. This creates cost-effective training solutions for all of our clients.

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