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Customizing Word

Customizing Word

Correspondence Templates
Ask us about our automated templates that can integrate with your Outlook Contacts to generate letters, memos, fax cover sheets and much more...

Macros, Autotext, Styles, Custom Toolbars & Ribbons
We can customize Word's environment to accommodate your firm's unique style. Take advantage of these tools to create standard formatting for all of your documents, resulting in a consistent, professional look.

Paragraph Numbering Tool

Select Numbering

Most Firms and Legal Departments need flexibility, complexity and stability in paragraph numbering for documents. Our numbering tool is customized to fit each firm or department’s specifications. Quickly add, modify and update automatic multi-level numbering schemes in Word documents. The tool contains 4 preloaded schemes. Additionally, individually tailored numbering schemes can be added upon request. The Numbering tool uses native Word functionality (heading styles linked to outline numbering) so you can also easily share your numbering schemes with clients and others who may not use this tool.

The Numbering toolbar includes helpful features to restart numbering, customize heading styles, apply sub-numbers and much more.


Worldox GX3 & GX4 - An Affordable Document Management System

"The value of a law firm’s knowledge resources depends entirely on the ability of its lawyers (and assistants) to search, access, and leverage the firm’s past work product." - WORLDOX

A document management system (DMS) manages millions of documents and is used to organize, file, control, search for and retrieve documents on a network. WORLDOX not only manages the documents, it manages and captures the knowledge of the firm.

Emergent Technologies - Corporate Manager ET

This software is the most comprehensive Corporate Records, File Management and Corporate Forms generation software in Canada.

Using Corporate Manage ET, you can do the following in minutes:

  • Incorporate a company and file online
  • Generate a complete minute book
  • Update all your ledgers, registers and corporate information sheets
  • Prepare comprehensive Annuals for dozens of companies, all at once
  • Merge more than 225 Government forms
  • Catch up on overdue Annuals
  • Issue shares, perform complex transactions or do Stock splits and conversions
  • Provide all members of your firm with “read only” access to each company's online minute book
  • And much, much more

iPro – Eclipse SE

To alleviate the pain of struggling with legacy review systems, Eclipse SE has been purpose-built with the most cutting-edge features found in an in-house review platform, allowing law firms of any size to perform native file ingestion, document review, and full production effortlessly, offering a true all-in-one litigation platform.

Eclipse SE is an in-house discovery, review, and production platform built to handle up to 10,000,000 records and any number of users within your current infrastructure, without requiring a SQL backend or DBA. Intuitive and easy to install, Eclipse SE can be deployed in less than an hour and contains all the functionality your firm needs to effectively review cases of all sizes.

Remindex® – Limitation Management Software

Remindex® is a feature-rich limitation management software that will help you gain better control of your limitation reminders and deadlines. Eliminate worry over missed deadlines!

Remindex® will save your firm time and money by automatically calculating reminder dates, issuing reminders by email and providing excellent reports of upcoming critical events for your lawyers and legal assistants.

Remindex® is fast, reliable, affordable and easy to use.

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