WordPerfect to Word Conversion

Let our experience guide you through the steps necessary for a successful WordPerfect to Word conversion.

There are basic skills essential to work productively and efficiently in Microsoft Word. Knowing the conceptual differences between WordPerfect and Microsoft Word can help to eliminate the frustration that typically comes when switching between these applications.

Hand-in-hand with the proper training, it is equally important to build a Microsoft Word environment that is easy to use, convenient and, where necessary, automated.

After the conversion, access to support ensures that everyone is feeling comfortable with their new environment.

Key Components

  • Plan Ahead
  • Hold Focus Group Meetings
  • Create the proper Microsoft Word Setup
  • Microsoft Word Training
  • Microsoft Office Training
  • Onsite, Email and Telephone Support
  • Word Customizations
  • Paragraph Numbering Tool
  • Document Conversion

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