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Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd. offers training in the core Microsoft Office and Windows applications. Our workshops are onsite and setup using a portable classroom in your boardroom or office. We also offer individual one-on-one training. In addition to our list of courses, we will customize a class specific for your office’s needs.

  • Microsoft Office (2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007)
    • Word
    • Outlook
    • PowerPoint
    • Excel
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Internet Explorer
  • Document Management Systems
    • DM (formerly DOCS Open and Hummingbird)
    • FileSite
  • Workshare Document Compare (formerly Deltaview)
  • WordPerfect

Our portable classroom can be set up in any boardroom, we travel so that you staff doesn’t have to!

One-on-One Training

We offer One-on-One training. Only cover those topics relevant to your work in the comfort of your office – have your training tailored to your specific needs.

New User Training 

When a new employee joins your company, make them feel welcome and supported by offering new user training. We will create material and a course outline specific to your company’s needs.

Microsoft Office Workshops

Microsoft Office 2016 & 2013 - What's New Workshops
Workshop Description Length
Office 2016 & 2013
– An Overview
The What's New workshop teaches how to become productive again using Office 2016 & 2013. We will provide an overview of the significant changes in Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. 2 hours
Word 2016 & 2013
– What’s New
This is a more in-depth look at the additions and changes to the Microsoft Word 2016 & 2013 interface as well as looking at the new features available. Don’t miss this class if you are worried about losing productivity in either of these new versions. 2 hours
Excel 2016 & 2013
– What’s New
Significant changes have been made to Excel 2016 & 2013. Learn about the new interface and tools that change the way information is presented. 2 hours
Microsoft Word Workshops
Workshop Description Length
Core Competency Learn the core skills necessary to work efficiently in Microsoft Word. Discover how Word “thinks” and (when applicable) how it is different from WordPerfect. Topics include the Ruler Bar, document views, searching, using the Help and the Office Task Panes (i.e. the Clipboard and Research Task Pane) 3 hours
Introduction to Styles Frustrated with the way Word formats your documents automatically?  Learn how Word uses styles (whether you want it to or not) to format your documents. This class introduces you to styles and the importance of using them while formatting documents. 1 hour
Using Paragraph
This workshop provides an in-depth look at automatic paragraph numbering. It covers the common problems that can occur as well as how to avoid them. 1 hour
Working with Styles After the students have had a chance to use styles in their own environment, this reinforces the skills learned in the Introduction class. It also introduces more advanced uses for styles. 1 hour
Pagination and
Section Breaks
How to create correct page numbering as well as producing more complicated headers and footers. 1 hour

Level 1

Learn table basics and how to use them efficiently. 1 hour
Level 2
Learn more advanced skills including formulas, sorting, and converting text into tables. 1 hour
Mail Merge Use mail merge for letters, labels or envelopes. Also create complex documents to simulate a document assembly process. 1 hour
Track Changes and Legal Blacklining Track Changes can be a powerful tool when collaborating on a document. It can also be a dangerous feature if not used correctly. Learn all you need to know about track changes and creating a legal blackline. 1 hour
Revealing and Cleaning your Document This is a great troubleshooting class that discusses the signs of document corruption and how to fix these problems. 1 hour
Automating Word Learn the many tools you can use to automate Word to use it more efficiently. 1 hour
Cross-Referencing Create references to numbered paragraphs, bookmarks, headings, etc. that will update throughout your document. If the referenced paragraphs change, we will show you how to have the references update throughout the document. 1 hour
Table of Contents Learn how to create a table of contents in just minutes. We will also discuss how to reformat and update your table of contents as well as explore ways to troubleshoot any potential problems. 1 hour
Microsoft Office Workshops -  Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Visio
Workshop Description Length
Excel Core Competency Learn all of the basics you need to know to work in Excel efficiently. This workshop covers the basic structure, terminology and navigation of Excel workbooks as well as editing and formatting data. Learn to print workbooks properly as well as how to create and work with basic formulas. 3 hours
Excel Level 2 Learn about some of the more advanced tools in Excel. We will develop a course specific to your advanced requirements after discussing the tools available. 2 hours
Level 1
Learn how to create a professional presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint. Create a presentation quickly using design templates and wizards. Understand the different views and navigation methods. Add slide layouts with bulleted lists, pictures and objects. Learn how to control the layout of your entire presentation using Master slides as well as headers and footers. You will also learn how to produce a professional slide show with basic animation schemes and transition techniques. 2 hours
Outlook Core Competency Microsoft Outlook is more than an email program; learn how to use Outlook as a client management system. Take advantage of all the time management tools that are available such as follow up flags and signatures. Plan meetings, schedule appointments and share calendars (with Microsoft Exchange). You will also learn how to use tasks and contacts effectively as well as efficient ways to manage your Inbox. 2 hours
Microsoft Visio Learn how to use Microsoft Visio to create basic business drawings and diagrams to help communicate visually. Create professional looking diagrams quickly and easily. You will learn about creating, moving, formatting and connecting shapes as well as sizing and rotating them. Insert Visio drawings into other Microsoft Office products. This workshop will provide you with all of the basic knowledge to be comfortable working with and using Microsoft Visio. 2 hours

Still looking for a specific computer course not listed here?  Call us so that we can customize or develop one that meets your precise needs.

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