Services Overview

Corporate Computer Tutors Ltd. provides training, application integration and support as well as consulting services. Our goal is to increase productivity and to maximize every company’s investment in technology. We do this through a variety of services.

Computer Training

Our workshops are delivered onsite using our portable classroom. Classes range from 1 hour to 3 hours to reduce information overload and maximize retention. We offer workshops in Microsoft Office and Office 365, Microsoft Visio, document management systems, Microsoft Windows, Windows Explorer and other software specific to the legal industry.

One-on-One training as well as new user training is available and customized to each user’s specific needs.

Legal Specialization

Use our extensive knowledge of how law firms work and allow us to help you customize your Word environment to increase productivity and generate standard, stable, professional legal documents.

Document Conversion and Standardization

Allow us to stabilize and clean your existing documents, templates and precedents to produce clean and useable documents that won’t corrupt minutes before an important deadline.

WordPerfect to Word Conversions

Still using WordPerfect?  If so, we can assist you in variety of ways to make your WordPerfect to Word conversion successful.

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