Legal Specialization

Legal documents are unique; they require complicated numbering schemes as well as advanced formatting. Use our years of experience working with law firms to increase productivity and eliminate frustration.

If you or your firm have problems with document corruption or document stability - you may be fighting Word instead of working with it! 

We will set up your firm's environment to be convenient and easy to use so that you can take advantage of all of Word's tools that help make working in a legal environment less challenging. We will also teach you how Word "thinks" so you understand what is happening in your documents.

Common Microsoft Word Challenges in a Legal Environment


Are you using styles?  If not, you are missing out on great formatting tools that make document creation and document revision fast and easy!  Styles also stabilize a document and help to avoid document corruption.

Automatic Paragraph Numbering

The following are common issues experienced with paragraph numbering:

  1. All numbering turn to 1's
  2. All numbering collapse to the left margin
  3. Paragraph numbering disappears
  4. Numbering will not increment correctly
  5. Unable to format paragraphs or receive unpredictable results

Learn what causes these issues and how to fix and avoid them. We also offer a numbering tool that simplifies the use of numbered paragraphs. See below:

Customizing Your Legal Environment using Microsoft Word

Correspondence Templates  Ask us about our automated templates that can integrate with your Outlook Contacts to generate letters, memos, fax cover sheets and much more...
Automatic Numbering Tool

We offer an automatic numbering tool that can simplify Microsoft Word's numbered paragraphs.

Choose from 4 or more numbering schemes and use quick buttons to apply or modify paragraph numbers. We customize each numbering scheme for your office.

Macros, Autotext, Custom Toolbars/Ribbons and Styles We can customize Word's environment to accommodate your firm's unique style. Take advantage of these tools to create standard formatting for all of your documents, resulting in a consistent professional look with your firm’s branding.

Legal-Based Microsoft Office Training

Microsoft Word Training

Take our full line of workshops, or chose the workshops that fit your needs. Most workshops are 1 hour. Workshops are done onsite either using our Portable Classroom or at your desk.

Core Workshops

To work effectively and efficiently in Word, these are a must-have:

  • Core Competency - 3 hours
  • Introduction to Styles - 1 hour
  • Numbered Paragraphs - 1 hour
  • Advanced Styles - 1 hour
  • Pagination and Section Breaks - 1 hour

Advanced Workshops

The following features or tools are underutilized or misunderstood in legal documents, reducing productivity:

  • Revealing and Cleaning Documents
  • Tables
  • Table of Contents
  • Cross-referencing
  • Footnotes
  • Mail Merge
  • Track Changes and Legal Blacklining
  • Automating Word
  • And more…

New User Training

When a new assistant or lawyer comes to the firm, make them feel welcome and supported by offering new user training.

Microsoft Office Training

We also offer workshops in Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, and other legal-specific software.

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